Self-Employed life and Disability Insurance

Self-Employed Disability Insurance

What is your greatest asset? Most would answer saying their house, a vehicle or perhaps a business. I submit to you it is none of those. It is your ability to produce an income to pay for those items! How long could you be home due to an injury or before it dramatically affects you and your family financially? Disability Income Replacement Insurance can replace most of your income if you’re not able to work. A sickness or injury recovery can be stressful enough, we can help at least partially eliminate the financial stress.

Self-Employed Life Insurance

How will my family or business partner pay the bills if I die? Life insurance is a simple and relatively affordable solution. It’s a difficult subject to contemplate but if someone depends on you financially, one that should not be avoided. There are many types of life insurance and we can help determine which is best for your particular situation. Life insurance can be a quasi-miracle providing payments to cover living expenses, mortgage payments, outstanding loans, college tuition and estate taxes. It can allow a business to continue when otherwise it would likely have to close. You’ve worked hard to provide a legacy. Insure that legacy would carry on even if you were gone.

Contact our office today for a free quote at 916.353.4882 or 800.569.5884. Also, ask us to mail you a free copy of the pamphlet "What You Need to Know About Life Insurance" and/or “What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance” for more information about the importance of Life Insurance and Disability Income Protection.